XO vest

The XO vest is the core of the Nostromo system.

It s designed to be strong, light weight and comfortable enough to wear all day.

The solid hip and shoulder plates, combined with it's carbon fibre frame, allow it allow it to resist the large torsional forces created when the arm and camera weight is placed away from the wearer's spine. 

The large range of vertical adjustment means it will fit virtually any back length.

The main attachment post can be moved closer to, or further away from the body, allowing the arm to be mounted over the shoulder, above the hips, or somewhere else for that special shot.

The main attachment post can be raised or lowered to fit the requirements of the shot or environment. It also divides into two parts for transport, or if a shorter post is required.

There are also plenty of great spots for the grip to grab you when moving backwards!

Shoulder plates.jpeg