Does the Nostromo include a gimbal like the DJI Ronin or Freefly Movi?

No. The Nostromo system is designed to interface with existing gimbals, which can be purchased from third party suppliers. Later we will be selling third party gimbals, and offering Nostro/ gimbal packages.

What gimbals are compatible?

Presently, all DJI and Freefly gimbals are supported, but we will shortly have adapters for the Tilta Gravity, Letus Helix, and others. 

Do I need the Nostromo pan/tilt handles?

While it is possible to connect the Nostromo arm to the gimbal without our handles, pan and tilt will only be possible via joystick or remote control.

What is the weight capacity?

The present arm is rated to 20kg. We are looking at a higher capacity arm for the future. The Easy module for hand held can support up to 30kgs.

Who will it fit?

Unless you are a real life giant, or infant, the vest will most likely fit. The arm length can be adjusted by using different length spacers, to accomodate people of various waist sizes.

Does the Nostromo replace steadicam?

No! The steadicam is an incredible tool, that usually comes with an experienced, dedicated operator who has devoted their life to the craft. That said, I am sure there are many situations where steadicam operators will use the Nostromo/ gimbal combination to quickly get the shots they need.

Can I use the arm on a vehicle without an operator?

No. Not in it's present form. As the arm is designed to allow the operator to boom easily throughout its' range, it will "flop around" if an operator does not aid dampening when attached to a moving vehicle over rough ground or moving at any serious speed. 

We are looking at creating a bolt on module to allow unmanned stabilization when attached to a vehicle.