Modules used in overslung gimbal mode.

Modules used in overslung gimbal mode.

The XOvest.

The XOvest.

Nostromo on speed rail vehicle mount.

Nostromo on speed rail vehicle mount.

Supported gimbals

  • DJI Ronin series.
  • All Freefly gimbals. (With toad in hole).
  • Tilta Gravity
  • Arri Maxima
  • Letus Helix

(Others can be adapted. Please contact us if yours is not mentioned here.) 

Nostromo Arm

  • 20kg carrying capacity.
  • 3.7kg weight.
  • Titanium spring.
  • Universal speed rail/scaff clamp.
  • Quick release module adapter.
  • Fluid dampened.


  • Fits virtually any body size.
  • Resists torsional forces.
  • 2kg weight.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Minimal body contact points and large air flow.
  • Heavy duty carbon fibre 48.3mm/ 1,1/2" support post. (Post is 2 piece for travel)

COG pan/tilt handles.

  • Replaces handles on DJI, Freefly and Tilta gilmbals, plus others with similar design.
  • Allows pan and tilt through the camera's centre of gravity.
  • Fluid dampened pan.
  • Arri rosette mount for grips and extension grips. (In production version).
  • Built in quick-release female socket.

Spacial damper/ quick release module.

  • Spacial damper dampens and isolates residual movement on all axis.
  • Quick release utilises a one lever, dual lock mechanism. If the lever is accidentally released, the gimbal/ camera is still locked in place.
  • Super quick docking/undocking.

100mm bowl module.

  • Accepts fluid heads with a 100mm bowl.
  • Attaches via module quick release to the Nostromo arm.
  • Allows for vertically stabilised hand held.

Easy module.

  • 25kg carrying capacity.
  • Cord based camera support.
  • Takes majority of weight when camera is lifted or pushed down.
  • Camera stays in position when lifting or downward force is released.
  • Attaches to XOvest main support rod.