Key features.

  • Easy docking with the Nostromo quick release. Simple one lever, dual lock system.
  • Pan and tilt through the gimbal center of gravity. Minimal force required to move the camera, and hence less operator movement imparted to camera.
  • Weightlessly boom camera and gimbal through it's range.
  • The stabilizer arm can be mounted above the operator's shoulders, at waist height or can even be adjusted to sit below the hips.
  • Main connection rod on the vest is a carbon fiber 48.3mm (1.5" NPS) standard dimension pipe. So the stabilizer arm can be mounted to any structure made from standard pipe. Mount to cars, quad bikes, dollies or any other crazy vehicle!
  • Gimbal or camera can be mounted above or below the arm. High angles are no problem!
  • Modular design allows it to adapt to a variety of shot scenarios. Attach the easy module for cord suspended hand-held shots. Attach the 100mm bowl adapter and pan and tilt directly from the stabilizer arm for a new kind of "hand-held".
  • The comfortable Nostromo vest resists torsional forces allowing the arm to be placed further away from the center of the body, allowing for a wider variety of shots. The vest is also designed with maximum airflow, cooling those sweaty areas on hot days.
The Nostromo arm.

The Nostromo arm.