Nostromo Overview

The Nostromo is a modular camera support and stabilization system, for body worn, or vehicle mounted stabilization.

The system consists primarily of the XO vest, Nostromo arm, COG pan/tilt handles, and quick release connections. This is connected to your gimbal of choice to complete the steady shot setup. 

Other modules, like the 100mm adapter or Easy module, are used without a gimbal for hand held filming.

The arm can also be connected to speed rail/ scaff pipe assemblies for hard mounting to vehicles or trackless dollies.

Being modular, it can adapt to a variety of on set shooting scenarios. Also, only the modules required to achieve the required result need be purchased. For example, the Nostromo arm, quick release and COG pan/tilt modules can be mated with a gimbal to mount to a trackless dolly, to create a stabilised shooting platform.

For more detailed information on each of the modules, please see their relevant page under "INFO".



Weight capacity:        Arm: 20kg   Easy module: 30kgs

Sizes:                         One size fits (nearly) all.

Fluid head:                 Compatible with 100mm fluid heads.

Materials:                   CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminium

                                   Titanium spring

                                   316 Stainless steel axles

                                   Cross woven carbon fibre tubes.